Windows Live Writer Is Sweet!

Having just done my school work, I rushed back home and installed the fresh new Windows Live Writer. I have played it for few minutes actually, and I find it really a nice tool which solves many problems I have had before.

  1. It is so convenient to post an image, such as a screenshot of my current screen. What I did is simply pressing the [Print Screen] button, then [Ctrl]+[C] and here it is:A Screenshot
  2. It detects that is a blog, a WordPress based blog and automatically converts what I have just typed into a clickable URL!
  3. It is able to retrieve all my previous posts from my website and allow me to make modifications to them, or even remove them. I don’t even need to tell it my website use Metaweblog API.
  4. Adding a map to my blog is made possible, by simply entering the address.

There are many other features worth to be mentioned, and I just roughly listed the most notable ones in few minutes. Common functionalities such as settings for Categories, Trackbacks, etc. are well implemented.

Well done, WLW team! Thank you, and I am looking forward to see the final release of this tool.


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