What makes you happy?

I’ve just heard another friend complaining that he is unhappy about his current life. He said it’s just too boring, although he plays basketball every week and does a great job in his research. He asked me, what makes you happy?

I don’t have a complete set of answers to this question yet. But for sure I know one of them. I think part of happiness comes from the fact how many people you’ve influenced. The definition of influence is quite broad here. In general, it is that someone makes a decision because of you. Tomas Edison must be happy, as everyone is using light bulbs originally invented by him. Charlie Chaplin must be happy, as his comedies made everyone laugh. Or it doesn’t has to be a large group of people to be influenced; maybe just one or two. For instance, sing a stupid song to someone sad; or write blogs someone reads every other day. Take few seconds to count the number, you will feel better.


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