Google China Blog Has Opened

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Just came across the main page of world’s largest search engine and to my surprise I found the link of Google China Blog. In Chinese, 黑板报 means news in blackboard, which is a common form of posting articles by students of each class in schools of China. Said under the logo, “Google 中国的博客网志,走近我们的产品、技术和文化“, which has the same meaning as said in Google Blog in the same position. It is just the Chinese version of Google Blog, and I am getting very excited about it. Nowadays in China, Google’s name is just as famous as Microsoft back to last century, when Windows had just arrived in every family just got their computers. Even though there is Baidu, the largest China based search engine, most people still prefer to search in Google, for its huge amount of results returned.

Reading its first blog, it reminds me MSDN Blogs, a collection of blogs by developers at Microsoft, showing off their ideas and different opinions from daily work. It seems that Google is doing everything Microsoft is doing, such as gmail and hotmail, gtalk and MSN Messenger, etc. What makes Google different from Microsoft, is that its product are looking so simple but still sufficient for average use. I am not saying Google’s product is better, since different user has different demands, but it just makes people feel different. Of course, Microsoft learns from Google too, but as a giant in software industry, it is no surprise. Looking back to their blogs, you know what I has just talked.

What I am expecting now, is the Chinese version of MSDN Blogs, or does it exist and I just don’t find it?


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